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Medisana VitaDock: TargetScale 1 - Body Analysis Scale, black

Faster to your target weight - IT-Innovation Award 2012

Medisana VitaDock: TargetScale 1 - Body Analysis Scale, black
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This product is not available anymore. It is replaced by this product:

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3 years

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  • Connect your iOS mobile device via Bluetooth to your TargetScale to check your weight
  • Body analysis scale with target function
  • Connect your iOS mobile device via Bluetooth to your TargetScale to check your weight
    Body analysis scale with target function
Connect your iOS mobile device via Bluetooth to your TargetScale to check your weightBody analysis scale with target function
  • Description Medisana TargetScale 1

    • Together with the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® TargetScale supports your weight management and will be the design highlight in your bathroom.
      TargetScale visualizes the distance to your personal Target weight and analysis your body composition: bone mass, body fat, body water, muscle mass and your Body Mass Index.

      Body analysis - measure not only weight measurement: After measuring you will not only see your weight. You will also receive information about your bone mass, body fat, body composition and body mass index. That information is measured through BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). In connection with the information you have entered before, you will have a comprehensive overview over your body values.

      Check your body composition and share it. In your personal diary inside the App you can see single results, check statistics and graphs to see longterm trends. You can also share your data with your doctor, relatives or friends via Email.

      Medisana Vitadock wins IT-Innovation Award 2012

      In line with CeBIT, Initiative Mittelstand awarded for the ninth time to the state of patron IBM the best IT-Innovations in 40 categories at an awards ceremony.

      From over 2,500 submitted entries - this year's all-time record - especially the product innovation VitaDock from Medisana convinced the over 100-members of the high-profile expert jury, and won the category 'E-Health'. Ralf Lindner, chairman of Medisana AG, is pleased of this award and emphasises: 'Also in future we will continue to work with utmost commitment to become one of the most innovative brands in the field of mobile-health.'
      VitaDock is being revealed as a useful concept by Medisana, which allows you to save and analyse relevant data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, weight and activity, and to use this data on other devices. The concept includes the combination of the VitaDock measuring devices by Medisana, the VitaDock Classic/VitaDock+ App and VitaDock Online. Together, these individual components offer a useful system of data collection, storage and forwarding - so that important vital data will no longer get lost and will always be ready at hand.
      More information: Medisana Vitadock

      This product works with the VitaDock Classic App
      VitaDock Classic app (free, automatic data transmission at the next connection with your iOS device) for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0
      Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 4.2.1 VERSION
  • Application Medisana TargetScale 1

    • Safe shopping: You can pay with invoice.
      Connect your Mobile with TargetScale.
      Step on the Scale.
      After a few seconds values will be shown on your iPhone.

      Enjoy reaching your desired weight: When stepping on the scale, TargetScale will automatically identify you and allocates your respective avatar and memory. Light-circles indicate in a futuristic and modern manner the distance to your personal weight target. The closer the light ring is to the center, the closer you are to your target weight. By the way: TargetScale supports up to 8 users and 4 individual users when using a mobile device.

      Individual comments on each measurement: You can add additional information with regards to your activity level or general feeling after each measurement. You can also add short notes to each measurement. Through that you can control your weight management even better.

      Test your balance: With our function 'Balance Test' you can test, if your weight is distributed equally on both legs. The App shows on which leg you put more weight.

      •Precise determination of weight, BMI, requirement of calories, body fat and water as well as muscle and bone mass
      •Flashing circles visualise the current difference from the target weight
      •Multiuser: Automatic recognition of up to 4 users on the scale plus Bluetooth® connection for up to 8 further users with max. 4 iOS devices (iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®)
      •'Athlete Mode' for sportsmen and -women
      •With active matrix display

      Extended functions with the free VitaDock® App:
      •Balance test
      •Storage and clear representation of measurements over time
      •Data security through encrypted transmission and storage of data on the iOS device
      •Easy data exchange via e-mail
  • Package content Medisana TargetScale 1

    • Delivery time according to the information above to Aargau, Appenzell, Appenzell, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Liechtenstein, Luzern, Neuenburg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Thurgau, Tessin, Uri, Wallis, Waadt, Zug, Zurich.
      1 MEDISANA TargetScale 1 Body Analysis Scale with target function
      4 Batteries (Type AA) 1.5V
      1 Instruction manual
  • Technical specification Medisana TargetScale 1

    • •Compatible with: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation, iPad, iPad2
      •Dimensions (Ø x H): ca. 360 mm x 47,5 mm
      •Display on TargetScale: Digital display
      •TFT-display with active matrix
      •Power: 4 AA 1,5 V batteries
      •Measurement method: Electrical strain gauges and electrodes, BIA: Bioelektrical impedance analysis
      •Weight: approx. 2.5 Kg
      •Tolerance: ± 1%
      •Operating conditions: Temperature 10 °C - 40 °C (50 °F - 104 °F), humidity: max. 90%
      •Measuring Range: 5 - 180 kg, 396 lb or 28 st 4 lb
      •Measurement units: In 100 g
      •User memory: 4 User without Apple device, + 8 user in combination with Apple device
      •Storage conditions: Temperature 2 °C - 30 °C (35,6 °F - 86 °F), humidity: max. 90%
      • Color: black
    • Weight: 2 kg
    • Size: 36 x 5 cm
    Published on 21.01.
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