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5 wellness activities in the summer

For many of us summer means holidays, sun and probably a vacation at the sea. No other season offers the skin so many possibilities to soak up sun, air and water, as summer does. It is very important to prepare your body properly, take care and protect it.
Nothing better than some outdoor activities to get rid of all the cobwebs from winter! In no time you'll feel good and get an excellent look. This time of the year again: the sun shines, the warm clothes are hidden for another season and you start looking for the swimsuit. But, what if spring has left you feeling that you're not quite ready for the beach?

With only one hour of moderate exercise every day, you'll not only get a better look and feel better, but you will also reduce your risk of becoming overweight and developing illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Outdoor activities are excellent for your health, as they will help you tone and tighten your muscles while enjoying the added bonus of fresh air and vitamin D. The trick is to stick to a routine and to find new activities that you love - not all of us are born runners, but biking and rollerblading could be a perfect alternative. Do not be afraid to try new things until you find what works best for you. Try to vary your workout, so you include all major muscle groups.

Before you embark on your outdoor adventure, remember to always wear sun cream, wear appropriate protective clothes and drink plenty of fluids. Wear lightweight, loose clothes to let the sweat evaporate, and choose light colors to avoid heat absorption. Also, try to stay out of the midday sun by exercising in the morning or evening, and if you're concerned about heat, humidity and smog, have a backup activity in mind, such as going to the gym for the day, do some exercises at home with a DVD, or visit a local mall.

Remember to be good to your skin this summer. Keep your skin fresh by protecting it with a high SPF sunscreen, using a self-tanner and do not exposing yourself too much to the sun. Here are five great activities to get in shape for the summer:


Running is one of the easiest ways to get fit and add exercise to your daily life. You only need one pair of running shoes and some motivation. This is an excellent way to strengthen your legs, toning the calves, thighs and buttocks, and also improving cardiovascular health. The key here is to start slowly. Set realistic goals for yourself, and be ready for longer distances. If you do not feel like you can do it alone, there are many places that offer classes for beginners, to keep you on track. Consult your local gym for a calendar of available clinical running.


Rollerblading is a fun and easy activity that offers almost the same benefits as running, but with less stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. It is also an excellent way to improve balance and coordination, lateral movement and helps to tone and tighten the inner thighs. To push the aerobic benefits of inline skating, you can try ice skating uphill, and you can work the muscles of the arms and shoulders, swinging your arms while you skate.

Exercise inner thigh

By clutching a small air-filled ball or weighted ball - or a rolled towel - between the legs while you lift the leg side, allows you to enhance, define and tone your thighs. It also helps activate the deep muscles of your body, including the pelvic floor and transverse abdominus. The more muscles you use the better results you will get. This exercise is also safe for women who are pregnant.


There is nothing like the feeling of freedom you get when riding a bike. You can use the local trails or you can cycle in the urban streets. This environmentally friendly way to explore the surrounding areas provides an excellent workout for the lower body, toning the abs, gluteus, calves and thighs, while being easy on the joints. Start the season making sure your bike is ready for the road. Begin with routes that take from 10 to 15 minutes. Once you're comfortable, set a target of cycling 3 days a week and increase the aerobic benefits of adding distance and hills to your regular route.


With the parks trails that look endless and magnificent green space, there are many ideal places to get fit and explore with a regular routine of hiking. Having the right shoes here is the key, as you will need a pair that gives your feet the support and protection to tackle trails and unpaved terrain. You will not want to tear them apart before having hiked a reasonable distance - there's nothing worse than shortening a hiking trip because of painful blisters! Start with short walks in your local park to get used to the sensation of being off-track, and bring a friend for your safety. Once you've built your stamina, you're ready to go longer distances working your abs, gluteus, thighs and calves.
Whatever the size of your backpack, look for one made of a weather-resistant fabric. Prices range from about $20 for a simple backpack to just about $500 for the Rolls-Royce of backpacks.

As for what to put in your bag, do not fill it as if you were going to the Everest. If you go on a hike that will last only one day, you can get by with a warm fleece, food, a kit of basic first aid, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat and plenty of water. It is recommended to take one liter of water for every hour of your walk.


Gardening is a great way to exercise while working on calmed and creative project. Activities such as weeding, digging, mowing and trimming will stretch your legs, back, arms and shoulders, and pushing wheelbarrows, shoveling and lifting bags of mulch will build muscles and strengthen your upper body. Remember to lift correctly, using your legs, and vary your work to make sure you give all your muscle groups the appropriate attention.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer