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Using infrared lamps

The get the most out of the positive effect of infrared lamps, the following tips are recommended in addition to complying with the the respective lamp's operating instructions.
general-infrarot-lampe-application (1).jpg
The lamp should be on a stable surface, e.g. on a table. Do not aim the lamp at textiles, but rather directly on the skin of the affected body part. Before starting treatment, remove all metal objects (jewelry, belt or bra buckles) in the or in the vicinity of the area of the heat radiation.

Sit in front of the lamp as relaxed as possible, so that you can sit in that position without effort for 15 minutes (this corresponds to the maximum duration of treatment). You best use a timer or alarm clock, to ensure that you do not exceed the treatment duration. Many infrared lamps are already equipped with a timer. You can start with treatment duration from 8 to 10 minutes, so that the skin slowly gets accustomed to the heat radiation. During the session, the heat should feel warm and pleasant, but not hot. When estimating the distance to the lamp, refer to the notes in the operating instructions.

Aim the lamp on the affected body part. Close your eyes during the radiation treatment or wear protective glasses if the infrared light is aimed directly at the face.

Even small red light lamps usually allow for adjusting their angle of inclination, so that the heat hits the desired area optimally and targeted. Larger, rectangular infrared lamps are suitable for larger areas of the body, such as the back. Depending on whether the lamp is equipped with a stand and the corresponding inclination angle, you can even enjoy the infrared treatment while laying down.

In most cases, it is advisable to only use the infrared heat once per day. If first signs of a cold are felt, you can also prevent shivers with up to three sessions per day.

The infrared lamps are generally easy to store and get out when they are needed. To clean the lamp, simply remove dust on a regular basis.
Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell
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