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How to improve the personal well-being

Body and soul form a unity. In the Far Eastern culture, this has been a well-known philosophy for a long time. In the Western world, this approach seems to be relatively new, but is becoming more and more acknowledged. What is good for the body also has a positive effect on the soul and vice versa. But how can we help our well-being? Where shall we start?

In descriptions of our times and society we often read terms like fast moving, stress, and pressure to perform. No wonder that many wellness programs aim to reduce stress and to promote relaxation. However, you do not have to wait, until you see the consequences of this current social situation, to start doing something good for your well-being. Not everyone is looking for a remedy for stress, but many are interested in ways to preserve the well-being of the body and soul. Even if people have different preferences and react differently to sensory stimuli, there is a common denominator.

Exercise, a healthy diet, relaxation and sleep

If we look at the most important factors that promote physical well-being, we can easily see the connection with the spiritual well-being through the senses. It can be exercise, nutrition, relaxation, or sleep. There are always different sensory experiences involved, which in turn trigger certain reactions in the body.

When we walk or run, it is not only the movements of the legs that act on muscles and blood circulation, or breathing and oxygenation, which play a role. In addition, the "film" right in front of our eyes changes. Certain odours in nature may recall positive memories, and even feeling the wind on the skin and many other individual sense impressions come into play.

While eating, there are not only the teeth, tongue, oesophagus, stomach and intestines involved. The flavour particles on the tongue also have their role. Eating is also a pleasure for the eyes, and you may well notice that the sudden smell of your favourite food can instantly put you in a good mood.

When it comes to rest and relaxation, there are also many opportunities to involve different senses: listening to pleasant music, using fragrance oils and enjoying a quiet room, decorated in warm colours, can have a strong effect on well-being.

Once you have discovered these aids and effects that help promote your relaxation, you can also transfer that knowledge to your sleep environment. Heated mattresses, silent air cleaners and humidifiers, and light alarm clocks also offer aids for falling asleep more easily. Pillows filled with nature, such as spelled or millet pillows will strengthen your well-being during sleep.

It is interesting to see, that these factors also engage with each other. After enough exercise during the day, preferably outdoors, you will sleep better. Relaxation benefits your performance, and fitness and diet also have an effect on your physical fitness and sleep. Do not worry if you notice that so much interaction can cause addiction. An addiction to well-being that extends to all of these areas is not a bad thing.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer
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