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Good health in old age

How healthy we are when we are old depends on our lifestyle during all the years of our life. People, who committed themselves throughout their lives to a healthy lifestyle, have high chances to be fit and healthy in old age. Are there ways to avoid unexpected illness at old age that can affect nutrition and health conscious people?

The improved medical knowledge of our time is a great advantage to staying healthy. This applies not only to conventional medicine, but also to various branches of alternative medicine, which are experiencing a rapid development and enjoy more and more recognition. The chances to age in good health are better today than ever before, however it is not sufficient to rely on the fact that in case of an emergency you will find the physician or pharmacist around the corner. Since many factors affect health, prevention is also necessary.

A healthy lifestyle includes various aspects, with exercise and diet in first place. Through a well measured, balanced diet rich in fibre and vitamins, we keep our bodies healthy. By moving our body, we keep it vital and resilient to a certain degree. If we look at it as a simple formula, it really does not sound difficult. Yet, many people struggle with it, whether because of lack of motivation, or because work and other commitments stand in the way. It could also be that the demands of life have been too much and people suffer from early signs of wear or irreparable damages of the body. However, there is no way that leads around it: lifestyle matters. People who note the importance of a healthy lifestyle can prevent problems and promote vitality in old age.

Numerous studies, books and articles are dealing with health topics and warn people not to handle the body carelessly. What should people do, who are not able to overcome the above-mentioned obstacles and suffer from diseases due to an unhealthy lifestyle that brings a negative effect on the ageing process? Can certain developments be undone?

It is never too late to make the first step

There are reports of people who were able to defeat diabetes type 2 by themselves. Other people got rid of their excess weight in old age and developed into athletes. These are beautiful examples that we should not give up just because we already belong to the group 50+. Every day can be a good day for a fresh start. The reference points remain the same as always: regular exercise, healthy nutrition, relaxation and good sleep. In fact, taking care of these aspects gets easier with the age, because at some point, the children are grown up or the desired career level is finally reached. When life becomes less stressful, there is more time for sport or social activities.

Studies show that an active lifestyle with regular exercise also has a good effect on concentration. If you are afraid you may force your body to unreasonable or wrong movements, talk to your doctor for developing a healthy fitness program. A social side effect of leading a healthy lifestyle is that many activities can be practised together: walking, hiking, cycling, Nordic walking and especially dancing.

If a serious illness prevents you from moving, that is no reason to give up. There are alternatives to achieve pain relief and opportunities for building up muscle substance without using your own body. Learn how it is possible to completely get rid of diabetes type 2, and keep in mind that a healthy diet has a positive effect on the healing process of cancer patients. Another important factor is hygiene. Many practical tools exist that can help caring for your body more effortless.
Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell