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Operating instructions for the Omron Walking Style IV pedometer

There are three buttons for configuring the settings on the Omron Walking Style IV: 'MEM', 'HOME' and 'MODE'.
Pressing the HOME button for 2 seconds puts the device in operation. The lb-kg indicator is flashing. Press the MODE button to select whether you want to enter your weight in lb or kg. By pressing the HOME button, you can switch to the cm-inch display, which you can also choose by using the MODE button. Continue pressing the HOME button to get to the km-mile selection, which you can set using the MODE key.

Press the HOME button now to enter your weight. The 'MODE'-key (up arrow) or the MEM-button with the down arrow allow you to increase or decrease the value. Pressing the HOME button will take you to setting your height, which you can also change by using the MODE button or MEM button. In the same way, the step length can be entered.

Pressing the HOME button brings you to the time setting (also to be set by MODE or MEM buttons). Press HOME once again and the pedometer is ready for use.

The video also shows how you can attach the clip to the pedometer and replace the battery. To do so, remove the cover on the rear side of the device and remove the button cell battery. Replace with a new battery of the same type and close the cover.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer