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Meditation on chakras

Everybody can create a personal reality according to their beliefs that can influence their psychological and biological system. Meditation can make a belief materialize in your reality. An affordable type of meditation is based on the chakra pattern in the subtle anatomy of the human body.

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© f9photos -
Chakra is a very old term in Sanskrit language, meaning "wheel". This word has become very popular in the Western world as more and more people have started to practice yoga. The yoga theory states that the body has an energetic system. Energy flows through the body and the main energy stream flows vertically through the center of the body, like a vertebral column.

Along this main column there are seven major chakras or energetic centers that perform a rotation movement just like wheels. Before starting meditation on chakras, you have to know them. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to specific functions in the subtle physiology. Therefore it is necessary first to identify and describe each chakra.

The first chakra is located at the basis of the vertebral column. It is the survival chakra and its color is apparently red, the color of blood and vitality. It is the center that supports physical reality. It corresponds to the reproductive organs - the origins of the material creation. It includes fundamental functions of physical fitness and general wellbeing.

The second chakra is located in the centre of the abdomen, a few centimeters below the navel. It is the sympathy and sex chakra. Some people say it is orange that is a creative and healing color. Via this chakra you can perceive other people's feelings, sensorial, emotional or intuitive.

The third chakra, located in the solar plexus area means "stand up and fight". It is the center of personality, energy, of strength, initiative and creativity. Its color is yellow, that is associated with intellectuality and clear thinking.

The fourth chakra corresponds to the heart. It is said that it is the entrance of the soul into the body. It is the symbol of your connection with the others. It is usually green, a smoky shade, meaning peace and harmony.

The fifth chakra, located in the neck area is the center of communication. It includes all the types of self-expression, through speaking, singing or listening to your inner voice. In general it is associated with blue color and it is the chakra of telepathy.

The sixth chakra is located in the centre of the head, including an area that can be called "the third eye". It is the centre of visions: physical, clairvoyance, esthetic or prophetic visions. Here mental images can be visualized as real. Its traditional color is indigo.

The seventh chakra is located in the top of the head. Cosmic energy enters the body via this chakra. It can connect you to divine knowledge. It is usually violet and it is the chakra of spiritual evolution and self fulfillment.

To continue with, you will see now how this type of meditation can improve your life. Meet your chakras. Touch the first chakra and let it suggest its color. Then you can associate it with a sound that you can utter. Touch the second chakra. You can get the feeling of cold or warm, full or empty, anxiety or peace. This is a personal exercise.

If images or other sensorial details popup in your mind, watch them carefully trying to identify their meaning. Go on with the rest of the chakras. Use the other hand and state the differences between the impressions you get in this case. At this point you are ready to start meditation for manifestation so you have to decide what you want to materialize.

For example Diana managed to get rid of dark clouds phobia. At the age of 5, while getting out of a shop, a lightning stroke in front of her. There were dark clouds in the sky and she suffered a shock then, developing this phobia. Now she is 17 and all she wants is a quiet life.

So she found a guide and started meditation on chakras. First she found a place and a moment when nobody disturbed her and started to relax. She imagined the energy around her. Then she imagined her goal materialized within the energy field above her head. She imagined herself with no phobias, after remembering all the frustrated situations caused by her problem.

After creating in her mind a relaxed avatar she used the chakras to merge the avatar and her actual body and mind. She imagined the new Diana in the seventh chakra, relaxed, in the classroom on a rainy day, able to finish her test without watching the sky anxiously. Then she took this image to the sixth chakra and she saw then herself dancing and singing in the rain, then painting dark clouds.

Next, in the fifth chakra she kept saying "I'm not afraid of dark clouds and rain makes me happy". When the image landed in the heart chakra she felt divine peace and harmony. She realized that getting rid of this phobia her body and her soul are in harmony. The third chakra helped her imagine people congratulating her and in the second chakra she destroyed her previous feelings of negation, fear and shame that she used to have before.

Finally, in the first chakra Diana asked her supreme ego to help her make all the necessary changes in her body and she shared opinions with her friends, her family and some doctors.

This meditation can be useful for any kind of positive change you need in your life, like weight loss, a new job, a new relationship. You can reach your goals just imagining their spiritual, biological, psychical or intellectual effects. The power of our mind is incredible!
Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell