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How to Choose The Right Electric Nail File?

What does rpm mean? Is this electrical file also suitable for diabetics? And what do I need to consider before buying a hand piece? These are some important questions that can be very helpful when it comes to buying an electrical file.
Due to the development of the electric nail file and the new possibilities thereby provided for the creative nail design, an impressive selection of electric nail files is now available on the market. Meanwhile, there are different professional equipment offered for nail studios by high quality manufacturers such as Promed, Medisana and Elle by Beurer, but also hand and foot care devices for home use. There is only to decide which device suits best your particular needs. The differences are not only evident in the power output of the engine and the number of rotations per minute, which can reach from a max. 5800 rpm as offered by the Medistyle L up to 30 000 rpm as offered by the highly professional Promed The File 2030, but also in the prices.
Apart from the frequency you will use the electrical file, another important factor to consider is the individual equipment of the device. Nail files for home use are often already equipped with various attachments which provide the basics for the nail and skin care. Especially useful are devices like the Beurer MP60, which is suitable for manicure and pedicure and also allows treating calluses thanks to the appropriate attachments. If you are a diabetic and suffer from reduced pain perception, you should reduce the risk of injury and use a file such as the Promed Pedisenso duo, which is suitable for diabetics and equipped with an automatic stop if too much pressure is applied.

Electric Nail Files for Professional Nail Studios

Even when it seems that all electric nail files are similar at first glance, the technical subtleties often make the difference. One example is the Promed 5040 SX, which is well suited for podiatry thanks to its special water-spray technology. If you are satisfied with a small, space-saving device, you can have a useful extra such as the handpiece holder included with the Promed 520. Not to forget the daily use of the hands, of course, so there is also to pay attention to material, weight and shape of the hand unit. The weight of a hand unit can range from 90g (for Promed 520) up to 180g (KR1 for Promed 3020). Many hand units are already ergonomically shaped and made out of aluminum or plastic or even stainless steel chassis, such as the hand unit for the Nailglide 2100. While variable speed control and forward/reverse direction is part of the standard equipment of most of the professional nail files, high quality electric nail files offer additional security measures such as an Overload Protection Control and Automatic Speed Control, as you can find it in Promed The File 2020.
Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell