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Which Air Purifier Should I Choose?

Air purifiers may look very similar at first glance, but when paying a closer attention to their properties it becomes clearer whether a particular air purifier is more suitable for the office, for the bedroom or even for the car. It is important to pay attention to certain factors such as quietness, performance and filters.
Living in the center of a metropolis and at the same time being able to breath clean air, as you can almost only find it in the mountains, is not impossible with today's technology. The fine particles and pollutants in the air, which we don't see but smell or process in form of allergic reactions, can in fact be filtered out of the air. What remains after is clean air that fills the room in which you are in, or a certain area around you. There is a very wide variety of air purifiers that work with very different technologies. Some combine several technologies in one unit to filter out not only pollutants or pollen, but also odors, viruses, bacteria or animal hair.
One important criterion when choosing an air purifier is the size and type of the room and on the other hand also the flexibility in using the device. Do you need primarily an air purifier in the car or would you prefer to take clean air with you wherever you go? If this is the case, there is for example the Mini air purifier WS908 for car and office or the AirTamer for people on the go. An air purifier like the AirTamer is smaller than many MP3 players and can be carried around your neck. Much bigger is the air purifier CA-288 with about 80cm high, which is suitable for rooms of up to 80m². This device combines a photocatalytic filter together with plasma ionization technology. If you need it for an area of about 36m², then the smaller LW110 will be ideal, which offers air humidification and air cleaning in one device. Of medium size is the air purifier CA-388, which uses five filtering technologies and is about 50cm high.

The Power of Negative Ions

Among the many different ways that exist to clean the air, the ionization technology is one that stands out. The process sounds easy: an increased emission of negative ions changes the ionic composition of the air. Within a few seconds, the negative ions get together with the positive charged pollutants, bacteria, pollen or smoke particles and the now heavier molecules sink to the bottom and out of the airways. You can also find this simple technology in the Happy Life air cleaner, which is well suited for smaller rooms such as toilets or storerooms and is equipped with a light.
Especially quiet air purifiers are perfect for the bedroom. Also this aspect should be taken into consideration. Larger devices that combine multiple technologies, however, are ideal for large offices, hotel lobbies or waiting rooms. Wherever many people come together or the amount of pollutants is very high, a major investment is worthwhile in any case.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer