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Organic millet chaff pillow 13x30x8 cm, blue

For sensitive sleepers, is also suitable as a travel pillow

From 1 pcs:  29 CHF
From 2 pcs:  23 CHF (-21%)
From 3 pcs:  22 CHF (-24%)
From 4 pcs:  21 CHF (-28%)
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Postage per order: Economy 0 CHF (4-7 days), Priority 5.00 CHF (2-3 days).
The product is in stock in our warehouse in Widnau, SG, Switzerland.
No right to return product due to hygienic reasons

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  • Even your grandmother would have known to use millet chaff for restless children who couldn't fall asleep.
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  • Even your grandmother would have known to use millet chaff for restless children who couldn't fall asleep.
Even your grandmother would have known to use millet chaff for restless children who couldn't fall asleep.
  • Description Millet chaff pillow

    • The millet chaff cushion is designed for people who are sensitive in sleeping. This is a medically tested device and is breathable. It does not cause any distortion in the breathing. A special material is used as a filler which neither heats up in the summer nor feels cold in winter. The chaff has a self-cleaning system. It needs a regular airing in the sun to keep it clean. It is designed for people who can't sleep easily due to tension or any other reason. It provides such relaxation to the mind and spine which automatically leads to sleep.

      People who were using this cushion enjoyed a complete relaxing sleep. If you can't sleep well due to any reason you must try this product to enjoy a soothing sleep. The idea of millet chaf is traditional. Here it is presented in a sophisticated and better way. Millet chaff was already used by our grandmothers when their children were restless and could not fall asleep. Its special feature is that its keeps the spine and neck in a straight line.

      Sleeping disorder can lead to some major diseases. It is essential for humans to get restful sleep. Incomplete and restless sleep affects the organism badly. The body gets restless if a person can not gain proper sleep. Thus, a reduction in the efficiency of the organism and other serious diseases can be observed in the long run.
      • This product is 'Made in Switzerland'.
  • Application Millet chaff pillow

    • Safe shopping: You can pay with invoice.
      With the help of this pillow, your neck and spine will rest in a straight line. The pillow is handmade - Made in Switzerland. The cushion is also suitable as a travel pillow.

      Has a positive effect on:
      •a stiff neck
      •headache and migraine
      •cramps and back pain
      •sleeplessness and anxiety
      •asthma and other allergic problems

      Millet chaff is breathable. In summer, the filling is not too hot, nor too cold in winter. The chaff is self-cleaning by regular airing in the sun.
  • Package content Millet chaff pillow

    • Delivery time according to the information above to Aargau, Appenzell, Appenzell, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Liechtenstein, Luzern, Neuenburg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Thurgau, Tessin, Uri, Wallis, Waadt, Zug, Zurich.
      1 x Organic millet chaff pillow
  • Technical specification Millet chaff pillow

    • The pad cannot be heated.

      This is a pillow that is specifically made for people who have sleeping problems. It is recommended to be used by all sorts and ages of people. It is also used to make restless children go to sleep.

      This pillow has a filling that is composed of the millet. Millet is a kind of grain. It is categorized under the sweet grass family. Organic millet chaff by no dating scale is a new product. It has been used for centuries now. It was used during the earliest times to put children to sleep. It helped to put children's restlessness at ease thus allowed them to sleep peacefully.

      This organic millet chaff has been manufactured keeping in mind comfort of the person too. This organic millet chaff is appropriate for use in all kinds of weather. It is breathable, and thus does not make a person uncomfortable in the stifling heat of the summers. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Thus it is likely to be found on your bed all year long.

      The organic millet chaff is filled with grains that quite easily fit the shape of the human head. It helps in making sure that the neck is always perfectly aligned with the head. In this way, it helps to erase head aches, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, back ache, cramps and strains in the neck muscles.
      • Color: blue
    • Weight: 270 g
    • Size: 13x30x8 cm
  • Customer feedback and frequently asked questions Millet chaff pillow

    • Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Vevey
      Is the cover made of organic cotton?
      The cotton fabric meets high standards in terms of colour and production, but is not certified organic.

    Published on 30.12.
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