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Full package: Omron E2 Elite TENS Device + Duracell Battery Charger incl. 4 rechargeable AAA batteries

Individual muscle stim therapy with TENS

From 1 Set:  144 CHF
From 2 Set:  142 CHF
From 3 Set:  140 CHF
From 4 Set:  139 CHF
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Postage per order: Economy 6.90 CHF (1-3 days), Priority 11.90 CHF (3-5 days).
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3 years

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  • TENS Massager in combination with the Duracell Universal Multicharger for rechargeable batteries and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries.
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  • TENS Massager in combination with the Duracell Universal Multicharger for rechargeable batteries and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries.
TENS Massager in combination with the Duracell Universal Multicharger for rechargeable batteries and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries.
  • Description Omron E2 Elite & Charger & batteries

    • TENS is in the field of pain relief a kind of therapy, that has proven itself. With this practical mode of low-tension treatment without side effects, you can have various pains reduced and relieved. The massage device Omron E2 Elite TENS offers a lot of possibilities: choose between nine stimulation programmes, four massage programmes and four zone programmes, in order to adapt the treatment to every part of the body. You can also use this high-performance device for acute pain.

      This Electronic Nerve Stimulator enables you to reduce and relieve your pain symptoms. The treatment alleviates muscle and nerve pain through gentle stimulation. For active people, it provides a flexible massaging experience which has a very beneficial effect on muscle and shoulder or neck stiffness. This unit is also very good for soothing overall bodily fatigue and improves the blood circulation in the treated areas.

      The Duracell Multicharger is included: With this compact Duracell charger, you can charge up to 8 batteries simultaneously in approximately 3 hours.
      The delivery includes also 4 rechargeable AAA batteries.

      The Duracell Multicharger can be used to charge following types of rechargeable batteries: AA, AAA, 9V, C and D.

      1 channel = 2 electrodes
  • Application Omron E2 Elite & Charger & batteries

    • Safe shopping: You can pay with invoice. Postage per Package within Switzerland: Economy 6.90 CHF, Priority 11.90 CHF.
      •9 Automatic treatment programs
      •Quick relief function - to reduce (acute) muscle pain
      •Treatment selection
      •Massage type selection - Tap, Knead, Push, Rub
      •Soft mode
      •Washable, durable Long Life Pads

      •Adjustable left/right pulse rate to select a more intensified pulse on the left or right pad: also in combination with a pulse that works on a small point area or on a wider surface.
      •Automatically switches off when the pads are not attached or not attached properly.

      •Relaxation, revitalisation and alleviating pain by using the Electronic Nerve Stimulation principle.
      •Massages by gentle electrical pulses for tense muscles, tiredness, stress, stiffness and everyday complaints.

      •Region Button - 4 programmes for shoulders, sole, calf and lower back.
      •Massage Button - 4 programmes for tapping, kneading, pushing and rubbing.
      •4 Special Modes - soft, repeat, point and wide.

  • Package content Omron E2 Elite & Charger & batteries

    • Delivery time according to the information above to Aargau, Appenzell, Appenzell, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Liechtenstein, Luzern, Neuenburg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Thurgau, Tessin, Uri, Wallis, Waadt, Zug, Zurich.
      1x Omron E2 incl. safety plug and a soft storage case.
      2x Washable Long Life Pads (electrodes)
      and matching cables
      2x standard battery
      1x User Manual
      1x Electrodes Holder
      1x Multicharger for rechargeable batteries
      4x regargeable AAA battery
  • Technical specification Omron E2 Elite & Charger & batteries

    • •9 Automatic Modes.
      •Quick Relief Button (1200Hz) - for muscle pain.
      •Washable Long Life pads are biologically safe.
      •Replacement pads are available.

      Contraindications: TENS machines must not be used by patients using a demand type pacemaker. Electrode pads should NOT be placed at the front or side of the neck. Units should not be used when driving or operating machinery.

      Precautions: Pregnant women and patients who have heart disease or epilepsy should seek medical advice before using TENS. Never use TENS or any other method of pain relief to mask undiagnosed pain as this could require urgent treatment.

      Universal Multicharger from Duracell:
      For AA, AAA, 9V, C and D cells

      •MiGeL number: L
      Compulsory health care insurance covers (part of) the costs of certain services, which include, for example, TENS units or light therapy units, if they are prescribed for treatment. There is a special list for items and units (MiGeL). You will find the MiGeL number in the list as well as here, indicated with the respective product.
      • Color: white/ gray
    • Alternative names: HV-F 127E, 31 89 512, Onron E2, Omrom E-2
    Published on 03.10.
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