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Feng shui room Fountains

Bring Peace and Harmony to a Room with FengShui Room Fountains
The sound of flowing water has long been used as a therapeutic tool. The random gurgling of the water creates a peaceful sound that is effective because of its unstructured nature. Therefore in order to bring some additional tranquility to a room the relaxing noise of running water has been combined with FengShui principles by FengShui Room Fountains in order to create small, but effective additions for any room.

Each fountain is handmade and so will be unique in its details. The overall construction of each fountain is the same with a large circular bowl as the reservoir, a 5W adjustable pump, the colored centerpiece and decorative stones to cover the bottom edge of the centerpiece. The pump power is adjustable so that the speed of the water can be optimized to provide the required water sounds.

Each of the fountains features a centerpiece that varies in shape with the color of the fountain. The cream-white fountain has a tapered, ridged tower that is combined with rose quartz stones for a delicately colored peaceful addition to a room. The glossy black tower is cubic on shape and is combined with dark grey decorative stones for a more imposing look. Finally, the light green fountain has a spherical tower in its centre that is combined with dark grey stones for the most vibrant and eye-catching effect.

For added effect these little fountains can also be used with aromatic oils to provide a room not only with peaceful sounds, but also with harmonious scents in order to increase feelings of well-being. Perfect not only for the home, but also for many office environments.