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At the Kronberg-based Braun company, technology and design seem to be an inseparable unit. This is symbolized by the numerous products which have been developed in over 90 years of Braun corporate and design history. The individual product areas are quite different, but not so the general Braun line, which is characterized by high quality, functionality, usability, and also by an attractive design. No wonder that in the product development you can find the consumer perspective in the very center. By interviewing test persons, new trends, ideas and product concepts are developed every month. Approximately 600 employees are involved in the development of technologies and devices. Reliability 'Made in Germany' means also customer satisfaction.

The company's history began in 1921, when Max Braun initiated the production of radio parts in Frankfurt. At this time he focused on power amplifiers for radios and - something extraordinary in Europe - the combination of radio and record player in one single housing. During the Second World War, the company had to bring their productions more or less to a halt, and could start operating completely only after 1945. In 1950, the first Braun electric shavers have been introduced to the market. When Max Braun died unexpectedly in 1951, his sons Artur and Erwin took over the company. It was the Braun brothers who also recognized the importance of a design concept for their product development in the 50's. This development should prove itself and contribute to the worldwide success of the hair dryers, watches, calculators, and household appliances. Since 2005, Braun is part of Procter & Gamble.