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In 1760, Salter Housewares began to write its own history. Founding his company in Bilston England, Richard Salter launched his company by developing and manufacturing a pocket beam balance. In 1825, his nephew George took over the company and changed the name to George Salter & Co., establishing not only a name, but a well-equipped manufacturing plant in West Bromwich.

The company went on to produce a wide variety of scales, including the first bathroom scale to hit shelves in Britain. More products were eventually added to the housewares line, including a clothing iron, potato peeler, and one of the first typewriters sold in the country.

The company remained in the hands of the family, employing more than 2000 employees, until the early 1970's. At that point, the company was purchased by Staveley Industries Plc and was split into a series of subsidiaries. The Weigh-Tronix Corporation focused on the development of industrial and commercial weighing devices, while the formal Salter Housewares Ltd. company was dissolved.
In 2004, however, Salter Housewares Ltd. was purchased by HoMedics. Now, these incredible products can be found not only in the UK, but throughout the United States and Canada as well. The company sells luggage, kitchen products, and bathroom scales in more than 100 countries and looks forward to further product development. The Salter name still carries its own brand to this day - representing top quality and a fine, attractive design.