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The story of Life Stone begins in 1992, when a woman named Monika Klotz met a man suffering from a skin disease. His condition seemed hopeless, until he decided to try a therapy that involved drinking Aloe Vera juices. At that time, scientists knew very little about the healing powers of this incredible desert plant, so they were amazed to find that the active ingredients contained within the plant were responsible for his healing.

Monkia Klotz was in charge of his case and began analyzing the mysterious Aloe Vera plant. She was able to prove that a number of positive effects could be attributed to the organism and then used her entrepreneurial skills to design a wide variety of products that showcased those benefits. Under the LifeStone name you'll find a wide variety of skin care and food supplements.

Aloe Vera isn't the only plant showcased in the LifeStone line of products. The effects of pomegranate and several other nutrients have been studied as well. Based out of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, LifeStone uses the highest quality control measures possible, offering skin care creams that have a safe pH value of 5.9 and that have undergone stringent dermatological tests. The benefits of Aloe Vera are widely known - all you have to do is find a quality product you can trust.