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Piesel Piepser

Potty training can be nerve-wrecking to both parents and children alike. Once a child is potty trained, though, he or she may fall into a period of bedwetting. While most children have bedwetting accidents every once in a blue moon, others have embarrassing incidents more often.

The folks at Piesel Piepser understand just how concerning nocturnal enuresis, the technical term for waking up in the night to urinate, can be. Fortunately, just as you trained your child to make frequent trips to the bathroom during the day, you can train him to get up and make frequent trips during the night as well. The Piesel Beeper is designed to help you do just that.

Some children simply don't recognize the sensation of a full bladder and, as such, aren't awakened by the fullness. The Piesel beeper comes with a series of monitoring tags that will sense when a single drop of urine hits the bed. The beeper will go off, waking your child before he has had the opportunity to completely wet the bed. He'll have the chance to go to the bathroom and, in the process, will learn to identify the sensations so that he eventually wakes up on his own.

So how does it really work? The actual Piesel Beeper is clipped to your child's
pajamas, up near his or her shoulder. The probe gets attached to the bottom of his or her underpants. Your child will have to wake up and press a button on the beeper in order to make it stop sounding and, by that point, should be awake enough to visit the bathroom. Most children don't hear the alarm in the first few days of use, so you may need to help them.

While the products designed to Piesel Piepser are aimed at helping to control
bedwetting, you should consult your child's physician to ensure there is not
an underlying physical cause. Enuresis can be caused by anatomical defects,
nerve damage, or by a number of other disorders. Be safe and check first!