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MC Heat / HeatecX

Banish Aches, Pains and Cold With HeatecX Far Infrared Therapeutic Products
There are many treatments available for sore joints and muscles, but one of the most effective is the use of Far Infrared radiation. This allows heating of the affected area providing both warmth and relief within the affected area. HeatecX are a leading manufacturer of both therapeutic products and also general use heating products that incorporate this technology.

The therapeutic product range provides equipment that covers all of the most commonly affected areas of the body. Starting at the bottom there are products designed for the ankle, the knee, the wrist, the elbow, the lower back, shoulders and also the neck. There is also a full torso heating vest that is available. Each of these devices wraps comfortably around the affected area so that the heating pad sits in the right place. Each product is controlled through a small control pad that is built into the product. There are multiple levels that can be selected depending on how deeply into the body the heat needs to travel.

In addition to the wearable therapeutic products there is also a therapeutic base sheet that can be placed on a therapy table in order to target larger areas with the heat treatment.

There are also other products that utilize the same technology but for general use rather than as a heat therapy. These products include a microfiber duvet-style cover that provides active heating from either above or below on a bed. There are also heated gloves that are available that can be used to actively heat hands in cold weather, which can be particularly useful for people who work in extremely cold conditions, but they can also be used effectively by people who have poor, or limited, circulation in order to maintain warmth and feeling in the hands.


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