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Kodan, a division of Schuelke & Mayr, is an international leader in the fields of hygiene and infection prevention, in Microbiological Quality Management (MQM), and chemical technical preservation. Founded in 1989, Kodan put forth Schulke & Mayr's first universal disinfectant product and by 1996 was the first company in Schleswig-Holstein confirmed implement an environmental management system that fell in line with the guidelines set forth by the European Ecological Audit Directive.

Today, Kodan provides disinfectants, antiseptics, biocides, and a wide variety of medical skin care products designed to ensure comprehensive protection against harmful organisms. As more and more organisms are found to be resistant to antibiotics, it has become more important than ever before to prevent infection to begin with. About a quarter of all hospital infections could be avoided, especially if the hospitals had the right hygiene management systems in place, such as the ones designed by the experienced staff at Kodan.
Dental offices and beauty practices depend on proper hygiene as well. The special tools and equipment used in dental practices and dental laboratories require the implementation of special hygiene precautions. Hygiene requirements must also be met in medical foot care clinics, nail design studios, beauty and hair salons, and even in piercing and tattoo studios. Schuelke & Mayr, through Kodan, has a variety of tips and highly effective products designed to meet the needs of each of these areas - keeping you and your business safe and hygienic.