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The adamus GmbH is headquartered in Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt. Here in the county seat of the Harz district, the departments of administration, of product development and production are located.

Single Use Urinals from Adamus Group GmbH
For many people finding, or getting to, a toilet quickly enough can be a source of great stress and distress. This could be for many different reasons that can range from reduced mobility to long wait times in a festival toilet queue. While catheters and incontinence underwear can have their place, a single-use urinal can provide a more comfortable, more sanitary option. Therefore Adamus Group has developed exactly such devices.

Unlike other traditional incontinence products the Adamus single-use urinals utilise novel super absorber technology within the urinal bag that means that the urine is rapidly turned into a gel so there is no liquid component of the used item. This not only means that there is no chance of the used urinal leaking, but also that it can be safely disposed of within normal waste disposal routes.

Each urinal weighs only 23g and when folded measures 130mm x 100mm x 8mm, meaning that it is not much larger than a wallet and so can easily be carried discreetly. The use of the urinal can also be carried out discreetly, which makes this an ideal product for men who are rehabilitating or who require assistance to walk to the toilet as they will no longer have to call for assistance.

Although the original product was aimed at men, due to the simpler design requirements, there is now also the Evamus single-use urinal for women. Evamus uses the same superabsorbing technology as the male version so within seconds the urine is converted into a stable gel and so the used bag will not leak and can simply be thrown into a normal rubbish bin.

These single-use urinals provide a hygienic and simple to use solution for anyone who may have restricted access to a toilet.

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