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Essential Oils

The essential oils of Alto Adige are produced by the distillery Eschgfeller in Reinswald - a very natural place in the Sarn Valley in South Tyrol. All plants come from the Sarn Valley, where they grow on a height between 1,600 m and 2,400 m in a particular climate and in acidic soils. There they develop their special healing agents, which are made accessible to man by the oil. To gain the oil a gentle steam distillation is used.

For many centuries essential oils have proven to be an optimal home remedy for physical and mental well-being. Still today the fragrant plant ingredients are used as natural therapeutics against various ailments such as colds, headaches, rash, gastrointestinal symptoms, muscle pain, fever and inflammations.
The extraction of essential oils is mainly done by steam distillation, using wild or cultivated herbs and plants. For the curative effect the quality of the plant and the carefully done extraction process are playing a crucial role.
Among others you can achieve the following effects:

• antiseptic, antiinfectious, detoxifying
• expectorant, promotes excretion and sweat
• analgesic, antispasmodic, strengthens the nerves, relaxing
• improving concentration, revitalizing, stimulating, refreshing
• strengthens the circulation, stimulates heart and respiratory function, stimulates blood circulation
• antidepressant, harmonizing, stress reducing, warming or cooling
• regulating the hormone glands, blood-pressure-lowering