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Which Digital Scale to Choose?

If you decide to buy a digital scale, you should not only look at the design. Some offer additional features, which you won't find in other scales, and also the maximum load can be an important factor.
Shall I go for a scale with a natural pebble surface, or an eco-friendly one with solar energy, or even a white-transparent one with a touch of magic? Which digital scale might be the right one? In certain situations, the most important feature to consider when buying a scale is the maximum weight: How many kilograms is the scale able to support? Most scales have generous limits up to 150 kg, some even more. In this case, the Beurer GS51 with 200 kg is on top of the list and offers also an extra-large platform that measures 39 x 30 cm. If you are sure you want a digital scale, then the display size or the size of the numbers may be factors to be considered. Are you looking for a scale on which the values are displayed particularly large and therefore, easier to read? As far as the digit size is concerned, the Beurer PS45 is on top of the list, indicating the weight with digits of 60 mm. Maybe a colored backlight would also be beneficial, as it is provided by the Beurer GS42 to classify your BMI better? Additional functions such as the BMI classification which is also offered by the Beurer PS41 are not standard features of all digital scales. You can find them rather with the diagnostic scales.

Minimalist, Magical or Massaging

There is also the consideration of a digital scale that works battery-free, but is equipped with solar cells, such as the Medisana PSS or the Beurer GS50. There is also a difference in how to turn on the scale. With almost all digital scales one must no longer bend down and push the power button to turn it on. Instead, there is the possibility of using the "quick start" function, with which the scale is turned on by simply stepping on it. Or the "vibration on" technique of scales equipped with a vibration sensor. A gentle shake will turn on the scale. The "Tap on" technique is similar, you just need to tap on the platform softly and quickly with the foot.
Even when you are about to use the digital scale every day, it would be advantageous if the scale is as flat as possible. With this kind of design, it is easier to push it under a piece of furniture if necessary.
This brings us to the important point of the design. After all, the digital scale should also blend with the home decor. The wide range of design scales certainly helps. Nonetheless, if the decision is difficult, a subtle, minimalist scale as the Magic Blossom Beurer PS40 with the LED display simply disappearing after use might be a suggestion. Or, if you want a very specific material and enjoy the natural pebble surface, then the Beurer PS890 is for you, which gently massages your feet while measuring your weight.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer