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Infra-red heat against headaches, skin problems, colds and muscle complaints

Infrared light is a special source of heat. Even a small red light lamp, with its intense heat, can be used for various complaints. That's because the infrared heat unfolds a beneficial and even healing effect.
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Natural infrared sources include the sun and fire. The heat effect of infrared radiation was discovered over 200 years ago. When measuring the temperatures of each color of sunlight, the highest value was measured beyond the red color range. In infrared lamps, glass bulbs and filters ensure that, above all, infrared radiation is emitted. This heat radiation then directly hits the skin and is also forwarded to the deeper layers through the conduction of heat in the skin. Infrared light is also special in that almost no warmth is lost to the ambient air, but is optimally absorbed and used by the body on which the rays shine. Therefore caution is advised with regards to treatment duration and the distance to the lamp, in order to avoid excessive heat and burns.

After the red light rays hit the skin and unfold their heat effect on it, the positive effect of the heat begins: the blood circulation and the metabolism are stimulated and the muscles are relaxed. This ensures a faster healing of muscle pains or colds. In cases in which headaches are the result of muscle tension, infrared heat can also easily be used to help relieve the symptoms. The small red light lamps have the advantage that they can be precisely pointed at the body part that needs to be treated. Thus tension in the neck and shoulder area that is causing headaches can easily be relieved by sitting with the neck area in front of the lamp. The use of an infra-red lamp is also suitable for headaches caused by the flu or sinus infections. In that case, the heat radiation should be aimed at the face.

During use, you should feel warmth, but not heat. Please consider the notes in the operating instructions with regards to the distance and treatment duration.

Tension headaches are one exception, for which cold is more useful than heat in relieving the symptoms. If the headache originates from the temples, you can rub the temples with cooling peppermint oil.

Infrared lamps have proven themselves to be particularly effective against runny noses, colds and sinus infections. In addition to the soothing warmth and relaxation, the heat improves blood circulation, causes dilation of blood vessels and leads to a faster removal of waste and pollutants - everything beneficial and helpful in relieving complaints. In this case, it is good that the infrared lamp can be applied to a specific area of the body and doesn't overwhelm the rest of the body during with an intense cleaning process during the acute phase of the disease.

Infrared treatment can mitigate the pain associated with a sinus infection or sinusitis. You best close your eyes or wear safety glasses when the lamp is directed at the face to avoid that the eyes are directly exposed to the red light.

Cleansing and relaxing

Due to their circulation-enhancing properties, infrared lamps also have positive effects with skin problems. Whether occasional pimples or extensive acne - a red light lamp allows for targeted treatment of skin problems. The skin is refreshed by the stimulation of the cellular metabolism and the removal of pollutants. It is important that you remove any makeup prior to treatment. After the infrared light treatment, you can apply some moisturizer to prevent dehydration of the skin. Because the pores of the skin open in response to infrared radiation, lotions and other substances are optimally absorbed by the skin.

Infrared lamps are not just effective against cold-related ailments, but also have a muscle-relaxing effect that has versatile uses - even against rheumatic complaints. Tense or cramped body parts are absolutely easy to treat with red light lamps. Aim the heat radiation at the affected area of the body. The intense infrared light ensures a deep heat development and a healing effect for muscle disorders of various kind.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer
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