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Well-kept, healthy & beautiful

The first thing that people generally look at is your face; therefore both your skin and hair are going to be the things that are going to be noticed first. Many beauty and care programs use this fact to concentrate primarily on improving the look of your skin and hair, with some extending this to fingernails as well as these are often looked at and judged.

With beautiful, well-kept hair you can make an optimal first impression. However this does not necessarily mean you will need a whole series of jars and tubes to try out until you get the results you want. Sometimes it is simply the right kind of drying system and temperature that makes a big difference. With a good hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron you can succeed in creating even a completely new styling. Using this method gives you instant results and allows you to have fun trying out new styles that can also easily be undone again.

It is important to remember that high temperatures damage the hair. Therefore it is best to wash and rinse your hair with lukewarm, instead of hot, water. After washing you should not towel dry your hair by rubbing it, but instead pat it gently with the towel. When using a hair dryer, you can either set the temperature to a warm level or hold the hair dryer a little further away from the head (around 30 cm) and move it continuously around so that a single point does not get too hot. For this reason some hairdryers also offer a cold setting.

If you have a small hair dryer that is equipped with a profi nozzle, you can achieve your desired styling. The nozzle directs the heat specifically to one place so that it will not be dispersed over your entire head. You can hold the nozzle to a targeted place for a very short time; move it quickly away and then come back again briefly. You can also use a brush to get your hair into a specific shape. Some hair dryers are even equipped with a round brush or softstyler attachment. With the latter you can bring your hair gently into shape and prevent individual hairs from getting caught in the brush. Ionizing hair dryers offer a special feature: the surface of every single hair is ionized to prevent static build-up and this protects the cuticle. Thus, moisture and nutrients do not get lost. After using an ionizing dryer, dry or heavily damaged hair will look stronger and healthier. Heat is also a critical factor to consider when you are using hair straighteners. High-quality hair straighteners offer lower temperature options and also a temperature controller.

From skin to nails

Women, in general, have heat-sensitive facial skin. Therefore it is good practice to try to avoid excessive amounts of hot air blowing in your face while you are drying your hair. Avoiding excessive heat is one way to keep skin in good condition. Another way is to ensure skin gets enough moisture from both inside and out. You will notice immediate effects of your skin even after a long walk in the rain. The high levels of humidity are beneficial to the facial skin and so a facial sauna also offers an effective skin care tool. You also need to keep your skin hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of fluids each day. This keeps your skin looking young and fresh. Regularly getting enough sleep is also a key element in keeping your skin healthy and looking youthful. Combine all of these to benefit from this natural anti-aging program for the skin.

Without additional care our facial skin would nevertheless undergo relatively rapid aging with potentially quite strong effects. It is absolutely imperative to protect the skin from malicious environmental influences and the sun. If you choose nourishing creams that are based on natural and organic products, you can benefit from those natural active ingredients and their good compatibility with the skin. Even if you notice the first signs of unwanted wrinkles or age-related sagging of the skin, there are still ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Thanks to scientific discoveries, there are practical devices for home use based on ultrasound or audible sound waves. Ultrasonic waves provide the skin with a gentle massage and stimulate circulation and also cell metabolism. Audible sound waves stimulate cells to resonate and this also stimulates the cell metabolism.

Now there are only healthy, well-groomed nails left to attain to complete the beauty care program. Nail care technology is certainly not standing still. In the past we only had a choice of a range of colorful nail polishes but today we have dedicated nail studios with no end to the options available for nail design ideas. You can also give your nails to a neat appearance at home, with colors, patterns and creative, eye-catching manicures and pedicures, thanks to nail files and accessories for home use. Color gels and rhinestones are among the current trends in nail design. Regular and correct trimming and filing of nails and cuticles, however, is still the first step. You can choose from devices and accessories by Promed, Scholl, Zanni, Beurer, Medisana, and Homedics, which are ready to help you, so you will soon notice an improvement: a regular manicure and pedicure is quite easy to achieve and is also an enjoyable pastime.

Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell