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5 wellness activities in the fall

Fall is a good season to do many activities outdoors. Nature offers beautiful landscapes during this season, especially on sunny days. If it starts getting too cold, there are still indoor activities you can do.
Pick-up leaves

Fall is a quite fascinating season, but what do we do with all the fallen leaves on the sidewalk, in parks, gardens and in our courts? Collecting the yellow leaves that fall at the slightest breath of wind is a tedious, if not boring task. A kind of labor in vain that continues until the trees have lost all the wealth of the summer.

The fallen leaves should be collected and stored in a particular place for two reasons: either to keep clean and tidy our premises in winter, or for the health of all the surrounding plants. The macerated leaves can be the source of some diseases, as in their interior there are still some parasites.
There are different ways to get ready for this task. And, as simple as it may sound, brooms and rakes in various forms and qualities, are the most economical and effective tools to use for this job.

The classic and humble broom, made with natural or synthetic material, is a great tool for the collection of leaves in isolated places and pavements. However, they are not too effective when it comes to collect the leaves that are in less accessible places or small areas.

If you decide to use a rake, the best ones are the fan-shaped, with strong and flexible teeth, able to collect all the leaves that are on the grass or other green areas. There are also rakes that get cleaned with the help of an incorporated oscillating bar, which gets rid of the stuck leaves or residues on the teeth. This makes life easier, as you won't need to do it manually and get your hands dirty. There are also more sophisticated rakes with a system that allows the fan of teeth to close, so you can pick the leaves up from the ground and drop them wherever you want.

Harvesting fruits and vegetables

It is extremely important to build up the reserves of vitamins and minerals that the body will need during winter, so your immune system is ready for the cold weather that it will bring. Therefore, it is crucial to include in our diet all the rich flavors and colors that the lovely fall offers, such as apples, pears, quinces, plums, beets, peppers, tomatoes and broccoli. Eating these vegetables and fruits, as well as many more that can be found during the fall season, we are ensuring that our body is well prepared for the coldest months of the year. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of potassium, an element involved in the functioning of the nervous system and in regulating blood pressure. The modern diet is high in sodium but low in potassium. People today eat less fruit and vegetables, and more processed foods rich in sodium. Here are two examples: in 100 g of vegetable soup it was found 15,000 mg of sodium and only 460 mg potassium, 100 g cheese contains 1200 mg sodium and only 140 mg of potassium.

Treat your body
How can we remove the negative effects the sun has on the body to appreciate the beauty of a tan long term?
With the end of the summer holidays, it is essential to set up a program to rebalance the whole body that has been exposed to the adverse effects of the sun. There are three elements that must be considered: treating your hair, skin hydration, and correction of minor imperfections caused by the sun.

Intensive treatment to restore the beauty of your hair: Like your skin, hair is exposed during the summer months to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, which can damage it more than you think.

Because of the sun effects, the hair becomes dull and damaged, losing its shine. It is directly exposed to harmful factors that can cause great damage due to the loss of keratin, one of the main components of your hair. The negative effects of the sun are often irreversible if action is not taken in time.

What to do? Use a program of intensive care:
• Choose a shampoo rich in ceramides and natural oils that will help to strengthen your hair
• Use plenty of hair care products based on shea butter and saffron
• Regularly use a silicone serum to improve the appearance of your hair
• Take dietary supplements such as Vitamin B for hair loss

Time to prepare your garden for the winter months

Your garden is your pride and joy and you want it to continue like that. Then, it is very important to work on it during the fall season, so winter does not spoils all our hard work.
- Keep the seeds you want to plant next year. They must be stored in a dry place.
- Tear up the rich shrubs perennials, separate them and replant them
- Tidy up your trees and shrubs and cut any branches that may be obstacles or dangerous.
- Use your rake to collect all the leaves and twigs.
- Dig the soil and leave it like that until spring, when you can sow grass.
- If you wish, you can now plant fruit trees, shrubs, roses and spring bulbs (daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc.) Bulbs must be planted in a place where water rain can flow easily to avoid the possibility of rotting.
- Protect sensitive plants against frost (pomegranate, lavender, etc.).
- The lawn must be cut very short.

Purify your body and face

Have you ever thought why in the autumn, we are sad? Why we feel a slight sadness? Well there is an explanation that says that the main organ during the fall season is the lungs, and the associated emotion to this organ is grief. In autumn we need energy and we eat meat. But the meat of animals contains many toxins, so we tend to overload our liver. Therefore, we must try to eliminate this toxins from our diet, or at least reduce them to a minimum.

In autumn we admire more than in any other season, the richness of nature. The fall has given us wonderful fruits and vegetables, perfect for our health and beauty. Also in this bleak season full of rain and sun, our skin needs special care. But not to worry, as autumn has also provided the natural ingredients for the masks that will take care of our skin.
Published on 17.09. by Thomas Toernell
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