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What does dyspareunia mean, and is there a way to relieve the pain?
© Dan Race -
© Dan Race -
Dyspareunia is the medical term for painful sexual intercourse. It is a general term that is used for all types of sexual pain.
The pain can occur on penetration, during intercourse or afterwards and it can occur at different locations in the genital area such as the clitoris, the labia or in the vagina. It can also take different forms such as a sharp pain, a distressing pain or a burning sensation.
Dyspareunia is a relatively frequently occurring complaint, in particular in women during the menopause for whom the normally high production of estrogens and progesterone has stopped. Other causes of dyspareunia include pain from scar tissue following childbirth or surgery in the vaginal area.

Conditions of the mucous membrane in the vagina, such as irritation caused by spermicidal gels or creams, can also result in dyspareunia. In addition, emotional and psychological factors can influence the symptoms of dyspareunia.
Exercising with the Feminaorm can relieve the symptoms from a number of causes of dyspareunia. The attending physician or therapist can determine whether that are grounds for using the Feminaform in a specific case.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer
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