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EatBetter Bowl: Food bowl for your dog - transparent small

Slows down your dog's eating

From 1 pcs:  14 CHF
From 2 pcs:  13 CHF (-7%)
From 3 pcs:  12 CHF (-14%)
From 4 pcs:  11 CHF (-21%)
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1 year

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  • Description EatBetter Bowl S

    • EatBetter helps your dog eat more slowly, minimizing many of the health issues associated with fast-paced eating including indigestion, vomiting and bloating. The wishbone center of the bowl creates an obstacle that prevents gulping or vacuuming behaviors. The bowl's innovative design encourages dogs to take smaller mouthfuls and chew more.

      To help promote healthier eating habits, the EatBetter bowl incorporates a raised wishbone-shaped partition that provides easy access to food, but prevents dogs from gulping their meal too quickly. The bowl's innovative design encourages dogs to eat slower, take smaller mouthfuls, chew more, and avoid overeating.

      Along with the DrinkBetter bowl, the EatBetter bowl encourages dogs to adopt a slower, healthier pace at mealtimes.

      EatBetter now comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

      Small holds 1 cup of food (250 ml)
      •Example breeds: Whippet, Miniature Greyhound, Papillion, Chinese Crested, Miniature Dachund.

      Medium holds 2 cups of food (500 ml)
      •Example breeds: Beagle, West Highland Terrier, Jack Russell, Shitzhu, Bulldog, Boston Terrier.

      Large holds 6 cups of food (1500 ml)
      •Example breeds: Boxer, Doberman, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Mastiff.
  • Application EatBetter Bowl S

    • Safe shopping: You can pay with invoice.
      The EatBetter Bowl:

      •encourages slower, healthier eating
      •reduces vomiting and bloating
      •improves absorption of nutrients through better digestion
      •has sturdy non-skid design
      •is made of high-quality, food grade, dishwasher safe plastic that does not contain Bisphenol-A
      •is available in multiple colors and three sizes
  • Package content EatBetter Bowl S

    • Delivery time according to the information above to Aargau, Appenzell, Appenzell, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Liechtenstein, Luzern, Neuenburg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Thurgau, Tessin, Uri, Wallis, Waadt, Zug, Zurich.
      1x EatBetter Bowl
  • Technical specification EatBetter Bowl S

    • 17 cm diameter (bottom)
      4 cm height
      • Color: transparent
    • Weight: 170 g
    • Size: 17 x 4 cm
  • Customer feedback and frequently asked questions EatBetter Bowl S

    • Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Vevey
      The EatBetter and DrinkBetter are fantastic products. I am using them with my Doxies. I cannot believe the difference-they do not throw up anymore after eating or drinking. They really do work- they slow the process of eating and drinking to a more normal pace and my boys do not get sick anymore right after eating or drinking.
      - Maxine L. Brown, Owner/Editor, Common Interest Publications

      We timed Bobby having his breakfast using his old eating bowl and then we timed Bobby eating the same amount of food the next day using the EatBetter Bowl. The result was astounding! He finished his food only after 4 minutes and 23 seconds where he used to take 49 seconds before! I believe this is the main reason he's not vomiting as often anymore as he gets to digest his food at a much better rate now with the EatBetter Bowl. Great product!
      -Mr and Mrs Alvin Ang, Singapore
    Published on 05.03.
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