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Discounted package: Anti Snore Set: Reduznore + Megavent

Clinically tested and comfortable to wear thanks to its flexibility

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  • Developed by sleep specialists and dentists, this bite splint is easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Individually adjustable.
  • Mouthpiece and nasal dilators against snoring
  • Developed by sleep specialists and dentists, this bite splint is easy to use and comfortable to wear.
    Individually adjustable.
    Mouthpiece and nasal dilators against snoring
Developed by sleep specialists and dentists, this bite splint is easy to use and comfortable to wear.Individually adjustable.Mouthpiece and nasal dilators against snoring
  • Description ReduZnore + Megavent

    • The new anti-snoring mouthpiece ReduZnore was developed on the basis of mandibular devices, which are used mainly against sleep apnea. The mouthpiece is similar to braces, which are usually developed by a dentist in consultation with a sleep specialist, but is cheaper and easily available.

      Snoring has always been a problem and bone of contention among people sleeping together. Snoring is the result of a narrow air duct in the nose and vibration of soft tissues in the throat. This initially is a medical problem but gradually turns into the habit of the person which is very irritating.

      But now ReduZnore ® by Adactive AB, a Swedish medical registered firm brings out a complete solution set to this nightmare of people. The anti-snore set is made up of 2 distinct products:

      ReduZnore - Snoring Mouth Piece, Mandibular advancement device:
      This new anti-snoring mouth piece is one of its kinds in the medicinal market, based on mandibular devices that are basicaaly used against sleep apnea, this mouthpiece is like braces but it is easily available and far cheaper. The main features of ReduZnore which gives it a competitive edge over its competitors are
      • Thinner Walls for more comfort
      • Its prolonged and adjustable design reduces pressure on front teeth and gives a good overall impression
      • And lastly, its enforced posterior part makes its extremely comfortable.

      Should not be used with dentures.

      MegaVent - New Nasal Dilator:
      This new dilator takes care of the nasal vent and makes sure there is enough air passage. The soft and comfortable shape makes it extremely easy to wear and use. Its anti-fall technology prevents it from slipping out of the nose at nights. No springs or adhesive to protect your nose and sensitive nasal interior.

      To sum up, the cost of this set is nothing compared to other nasal sprays and products and is one of the best anti-snoring products out there in the market.

  • Application ReduZnore + Megavent

    • Safe shopping: You can pay with invoice.
      Are you looking for a way to stop snoring or are you suffering from sleep apnoea? To remedy a narrow air duct, across which the snoring develops, a double intervention is to be considered: in the nose and in the pharyngeal space. The nasal dilator MegaVent helps the opening of the air passage in the nose, while the mouthpiece ReduZone prevent from a hard vibration of the soft tissues in the throat or from air passage problems.

      ReduZnore - Snoring Mouth Piece - Mandibular advancement device.

      Keeps the lower jaw forward. Very comfortable due to the enforced posterior part that lowers the pressure on anterior teeth. Remarkably easy to fit. Thinner walls than most on the market makes it very comforatble. And, yes, you will of course cut off the handle after shaping.

      The main advantages of Reduznore compared to competition:
      •Thinner walls for more comfort.
      •Prolonged endings reduces pressure on frontal teeth.
      •Partly thicker goods makes it easier to get really good impressions.
      •Designed to be out of reach for the tongue even if it is prolonged.

      MegaVent - New Nasal dilator
      This innovative nasal dilator, is not only soft and very comfortable, you can in seconds change the shape to custom fit it.

      And it stays in your nose without falling out. Without hurting. Free from springlike functions to avoid hurting your nose and the sensitive nasal interior. And without spring function it will not jump out during night. The actual shape can become more bulky and this makes it stay safely inside your nasal cavity.

      Free from adhesive to avoid hurting your nose. Durable. The cost per night is a fraction compared to what snoring spray and nasal strips costs.
  • Package content ReduZnore + Megavent

    • Delivery time according to the information above to Aargau, Appenzell, Appenzell, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Liechtenstein, Luzern, Neuenburg, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Thurgau, Tessin, Uri, Wallis, Waadt, Zug, Zurich.
      1x Reduznore
      Megavent Set:
      1x large + 1 x medium
  • Technical specification ReduZnore + Megavent

    • ReduZnore® is CE-registered at the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket)
      Material: E.V.A Thermoplast.
      Manufactured in Sweden.
      • Color: transparent
    • Weight: 70 g
    • Size: 7 x 6 cm
    • Alternative names: Redusnore
  • Customer feedback and frequently asked questions ReduZnore + Megavent

    • Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Vevey
      How long does the nasal dilator Megavent last?
      One pair lasts for at least one month.

      How long does the Reduznore mouthpiece last?
      The Reduznore mouthpiece lasts at least one year.

      Why we snore: The following are the causes of snoring and by controlling them, you can become quiet at night:
      * Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise
      * Alcohol and Sleeping Pills
      * Smoking
      * Sleeping Position
      * Allergy
      * Nasal Stuffiness
      * Mouth Breather
      * Small or Collapsing Nostrils
      * Tongue Base Snorer
      * Multifactoral Snoring
    Published on 14.09.
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