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Information about Promed Nail Bits

Which Promed bits are available and what are their characteristics? Learn more about carbide bits, titanium bits, diamond bits, sapphire bits, silicone polisher, chamoix polisher and abrasive bands made of sandpaper.

Beatufil from head to feet

Only use bits with 2.35 mm diameter. This is the standard measure. If you use the other dimensions, you could break your unit. All Promed ends are this size.
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Hard metal drill bits:
Apply these drill bits for fast filing on acrylic and gel nails. Please, do not use them on natural nails nor skin.

Titanium drill bits:
These are hard metal drill bits with a titanium coat which enables to extend the blade's durability plus diminishes the development of heat. They last longer than any other drill bit.

Diamond drill bits:
These drill bits are covered with diamond particles. You have to clean and disinfect them after each application. They are specially designed to be used for pushing cuticle, removing horniness, nail unevenness, adhesions and the hygiene of the nail's under side.

Zapphire drill bits:
Zapphire is softer than diamond, therefore it is perfect for natural nails, thick toenails or horniness. Apply at a low speed. You must disinfect them after each application.

Silicone polish:
For natural and artificial nails. It is used to push the cuticle, to prepare the natural nail for an artificial one, to remove the shine and smooth down natural unevenness. The drill bits are soft but they will recover their original shape by pressing the polisher agains a file. With the green silicone polish you are able to remove the shine-grease coat of the complete nail's surface. Gently hold the drill bit with the nail and work the nail's surface from up downwards and from right to left. Make sure that the complete nail's surface has been treated.

Chamois polish:
High value leather. It can be applied with or without polish creme. First, clean your client's hands with soap, then apply polish creme on the chamois polisher and work on the 10 nails. To obtain an intense shine, repeat the previous sequence with a new and clean chamois polish but without creme and at a high speed this time.

Product similar to nail files. Due to hygiene reasons, they are disposeable.
Published on 17.09. by Eszter Langer