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Pure Swiss Pine Pillow sized 21 x 32 cm (Swiss pine only) - sleep and relaxation pillow

Sleeping pillow and relaxation pillow with the active ingredients of Swiss pine

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  • Pine pillows with a calming, sleep-promoting effect
  • Pine pillows with a calming, sleep-promoting effect
Pine pillows with a calming, sleep-promoting effect
  • Description Swiss Pine Pillow

    • The Swiss pine - also known as Queen of the Alps - belongs to the pine (Pinaceae) family. It is also known as stone pine or Arolla pine. Swiss pine wood is said to have positive influences on the human psyche. The scent and the wood don't just have a calming effect, they also help mitigate impatience. This strengthens the ability to stay focused on pursuing one's own goals, and improves overall concentration.

      The pillow is filled exclusively with Swiss pine chips. The fill material is 100% sourced from Switzerland. The Swiss pine chips are made fresh directly before processing to the pillow. The used Swiss pine tree comes from Grisons.

      Certain plants and trees are endowed with valuable properties, which may have an unmatched positive effect on humans. Even our ancestors knew how to draw from nature and make targeted use of these qualities. In addition to herbs, flowers, leaves, various oils and essences, different types of wood were also used to alleviate complaints and combat diseases, or simply to increase overall well-being. Humans seem to have been aware of the natural power of trees for centuries.

      What our ancestors have known for a long time has also been proven through recent studies: the soothing effect of Swiss pine, which can also be used to improve sleep. If the sleeping person is surrounded by Swiss pine wood laying near it, the heart rhythm slows down. Relaxation occurs, allowing the body to better recover from stress and fatigue. And last but not least, this effect will also benefit the mind and thus the productivity on the following day.

      Stone pine is also credited with another quality known to have a positive effect on humans: It ensures that the formation of parasites (e.g. moths) is significantly reduced.

      • This product is 'Made in Switzerland'.
  • Application Swiss Pine Pillow

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      Swiss pine - the sleep-inducing and soothing scent from the Swiss Alps.

      The Swiss pine grows in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters. It defies temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius and extreme weather changes. This will be the indicative success factor for the proven soothing effect of Swiss pine.

      You can use the pillow as a relaxation or sleeping pillow. The intensity of sleep is improved, whereby the ability to recover increases.

      The Swiss pine chips help with relaxation, as they help slow down the heart rhythm: This provides for particularly regenerative and soothing sleep. Over time, and with use, the wood gradually loses its scent. To counteract this, one merely needs to add a small amount of pure pine oil.

      Please note: this pillow is not a heat cushion and should not be heated.

  • Package content Swiss Pine Pillow

    • 1x Swiss Pine Pillow
  • Technical specification Swiss Pine Pillow

    • Size approx. 21 x 32 cm
      Filling: only Swiss stone pine chips
      • Color: black/ white
    • Weight: 125 g
    • Size: 21 x 32 x 5 cm
  • Customer feedback and frequently asked questions Swiss Pine Pillow

    • Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Vevey
      Is the cover made of organic cotton?
      The cotton fabric meets high standards in terms of colour and production, but is not certified organic.

    Published on 30.12.
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