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Swiss Bio-Pads

Natural and Effective Swiss Bio-Heat-Pads
Heat and cold are effective ways to relieve a large number of symptoms, but they can also provide comfort in general. Unlike the chemical reaction packs that are available the heat pads that are available from Swiss Bio are fully reusable and look more like a furnishing rather than a medical aid.

There are various types of filling that can be used in these pillows and cushions that are made up af various different grains, seeds and stones. If they are kept dry, then these fillings are ideal for storing heat and releasing it slowly and can potentially be used for years. If you want very small filliers you can choose millet or spelt chaff or raisin seeds. These allow the pillow to be wrapped closely around the area that you wish to heat or cool. If you prefer a larger filling, then you can opt for cherry stones, which provide a more granular heat source and also the ability to massage an area due to the movement of the stones within the pillow.

Pillows range in size from 16 x 21 cm up to 40 x 60cm. All of them work in the same way. They can be heated up in a microwave or an oven in order to provide a hot pillow or cushion. These can then be held against the affected area of the body for however long is required. If further heating is required once the pillow has cooled, then it can simply be put back in the microwave to reheat. The pillows are just as suitable as cold compresses as well. To cool them simply place them either in the fridge or the freezer and then apply them to the affected area. These flexible pillows come in a range of pretty materials.


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