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ELLE by beurer

Check Out the 'ELLE by Beurer' Range for all of your High-Tech Beauty Needs
The fashion magazine 'ELLE' has teamed up with Beurer in order to develop a range of high-tech beauty products for the modern woman. Most women now wish to take as good care of their bodies and skin as they can and so ELLE by Beurer have designed a range of items that can help them in this quest.

The face is one of the most important areas of the body to look after as it is the one that most people will see. There are several different technologies that can be used in order to optimize the look and feel of the skin on the face. The first of these is the Pureo Sonic Brush that is designed to exfoliate and massage the skin to keep it looking fresh and feeling soft. With three different attachments and two vibration settings it can be used on all skin types.

Hydration is also an important consideration in facial care and the Pureo Ionic Hydrator provides a great way to cleanse the skin, increase the blood flow and hydrate the skin. The Pureo Skin Clear is an ideal accompaniment to the hydrator as it targets blemishes, such as spots, by reducing the impurities on the skin and also boosting the circulation.

In spring and summer the warmer weather means that skirts and shorts can be worn to show off smooth, silky legs. ELLE by Beurer offers shavers and also 3-in-1 epilators, which combine epilation, shaving and exfoliation.

To finish off the look then nails will need to be painted, and to ensure that perfect nail varnish is not ruined and that no time is wasted waiting for it to dry a nail dryer is the perfect addition to the high-tech beauty equipment.