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Swissdepil, Switzerland

The Swissdepil system, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, is one of the most advanced methods for hair removal in the world. Boasting techniques that are both painless and easy to use, the Swissdepil system makes it possible to simply rub your excess body hair away.

Swissdepil's philosophy is simple. The company aims to create products that
are nontoxic and that meet every Swiss and European Union safety standard.
All you have to do is wrap a Swissdepil pad around your hand, rub your skin in a circular motion, and watch your unwanted hair as it wipes away. Dead skin cells on the surface will be removed as well, giving you the added benefit of an exfoliating skin treatment at the same time.

All of the products created by the folks at Swissdepil are small, making them easy for use both in the home and when traveling. They'll fit in your pocket, purse, or carry-on bag, and will never cause you problems in customs or airport security.

The folks at Swissdepil want you to stop using painful hair removal treatments.
There's no reason to subject yourself to painful waxing or to take your chances with a sharp razor. Say goodbye to skin irritation and say hello to your new relationship with Swissdepil. You won't be sorry.

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