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Boso is the Bosch + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Germany. Specialized in the production of blood pressure monitors, heating pads and other health and wellness products, the company has thanks to the quality of the products since decades developed a well known name.

The Boso blood pressure monitors are now an integral part in doctors' offices and hospitals. Many physicians rely on the quality of Boso, when it comes to classic or fully automatic blood pressure monitors. But the company also developed equipment for home use, which is simple to use and reliable, and it is working with numerous innovations and continuous improvement according to the customers' needs.

The accuracy and reliability of the devices has also been confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest, by Ökotest and by the German Hypertension League. Thanks to the high quality millions of devices have left the factory in Jungingen (Southern Germany) until now and are already in use in doctors' offices and clinics. Among others Boso supported with his blood pressure monitors the German Olympic team during the Olympic games in London.

High Accuracy Blood Pressure Monitors from Boso
An abnormal blood pressure can be one of the first signs that there are health issues present that perhaps need to be addressed. One-off measurements at the doctor's surgery once every six months cannot give an accurate picture of blood pressure and how it may be changing over time. Therefore Boso have created a range of blood pressure monitors for both the medical profession and also for non-medical users who wish to measure and monitor their blood pressure.

For medical practitioners there are traditional hand-inflated upper arm blood pressure monitors. The benefits of these types of system are that they are highly robust and accurate when combined with the knowledge of a trained physician. These manual devices are still utilised by physicians due to the suitability of them for picking up and monitoring unusual heartbeats, for example if a patient has cardiac dysrhythmia, which may not be picked up by automated blood pressure monitors. These systems also have integrated stethoscopes.

More people are now choosing to monitor their blood pressure at home in order to track changes over time. Therefore Boso have developed several fully-automated products that can be used by anyone at home. They are very simple to use with single button activation. There are two styles of automatic systems available, those for use on the upper arm, and those for use on the wrist. They both provide accurate ways of measuring blood pressure and they also have built in indicators that will highlight if an irregular heartbeat is detected.

The automatic systems are quick and easy to use for regular measurements of blood pressure. They are battery operated and lightweight and so can be transported without any problems. They also have a range of cuff sizes available for people with particularly large or small arms or wrists.

Boso Website: Boso.de

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