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Bio Depiless

The popular Bio Depiless line of products for hair removal, which has been proven over time to reduce hair growth by 50%, is made in Switzerland.

Effective Hair Removal Products from Bio Depiless
Unwanted hair is something that people have been trying to remove effectively for many hundreds of years. While removing hair is one desire, reducing regrowth is also a desired effect, and Bio Depiless have addressed both of these areas when designing their hair removal products.

Hair removal is usually associated with a process that is either messy or painful, or both. The Swissdepil system, developed by Bio Depiless, offers a revolutionary method of hair removal that is neither messy nor painful, thus making it an ideal product for use all over the body. The Swissdepil consists of microabrasive pads that consist of resin with embedded microscopic crystals. The pads are designed to be used on dry skin and do not require any additional elements in order to work. Therefore no electricity or chemicals are used on the skin.

The Swissdepil is rubbed in a circular motion over the skin to remove the hair, which is removed at the root, and also dead skin cells are removed at the same time so hair removal and exfoliation is all carried out at the same time to leave your skin hair free and silky smooth.

Even with a painless method to remove hair, it is also desirable to prevent hair from growing back. Therefore Bio Depiless have developed a range of products that incorporate active ingredients that will reduce the amount of new hair growth by around 50%. These ingredients are contained in a general body lotion that can be used anywhere on the body as a combined moisturiser and hair regrowth suppression product. They are also contained in a deodorant, specifically designed for use under the arms, and also in a face cream. With regular use of the Swissdepil system and daily use of the regrowth reduction products smooth, hair free skin can be maintained with little effort.


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