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Turbo Med

Turbo®Med are thermodynamic bandages for different parts of the body. Their main focus is their skin friendliness and the comfort of the person wearing them. All Turbo Med-products are manufactured in Spain in accordance with strict EU directives for medical devices.

The Turbo Med bandages not only stabilize the joint or respective body part, they also stimulate the blood circulation through a thermal effect. The bandages provide a constant micro-massage and are manufactured in a way to limit your freedom of movement as little as possible. You can wear these bandages under your clothes and enjoy maximum freedom of movement in your daily routine, without losing on the medicinal benefits.

Thanks to the inner layer of breathable and moisture dispersant cotton, you can wear these bandages comfortably on the skin even over an extended period of time. The compression on the joints prevents the accumulation of fluid. The bandages relieve swellings rapidly, reduce the tension in the tissues and alleviate the pain.

A perfect fit, high wear comfort, prevention and the relief of pain - this is exactly the goal of Turbo Med.


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