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Daydream Sleeping Masks

Only there the human being may find recreation, regeneration and its inner balance. But it is the darkness that determines the sleep, not the time of the day. With daydream you may turn day into night and stress, hecticness and pressure to perform is left far away.

There is no need to pass on good appearance while your sleep. The crown mask decorated with Swarovski Crystals, the trip into Asian design or just pure Flower Power - each daydream sleeping mask is also a fashionable trend. daydream masks do not only look beautiful, they are also regarded as the best sleeping masks available. By means of new developed and patented technique daydream produces masks which are completely light impervious. In addition, each daydream mask can be combined with a cooler and thereby be used as a cooling mask. Ideal for hot summer days of just to have some relaxation for your eyes …

Enjoy your journey into the world of daydream. We wish you pleasant dreams!

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