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Medi-direct International

Natural Treatments from Medi-Direct International
Medi-Direct International is a company that focuses upon using natural techniques to create products for the health industry, both for professional clinicians and also for home use. The three main areas that Medi-Direct International products cover are pain relief, allergy relief and respiratory equipment.

TENS is a method that is widely used across the medical profession for temporary pain relief. The stimulation of nerve endings using electrical impulses reduces pain levels, but if this is only available within a clinical setting it can be impractical to use. Therefore Medi-Direct International has created the TENS Pain Doctor. With the use of a small amount of conductive gel this battery powered hand-held TENS device can provide localized effective pain relief at home. With an adjustable frequency and intensity the Pain Doctor is suitable to treat a number of different conditions.

Many people are sensitive to dust mites so Medi-Direct International has developed the Dust Mite Reducer. It is placed on a wall in the bedroom and utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to disrupt the feeding and also the reproduction cycles of the dust mites. This has the effect of reducing the dust mite population and therefore the levels of allergens that are present within a room.

Medi-Direct International also utilizes other technologies, such as seaweed, in order to create products that will have natural benefits. Examples of one of these products are the SeaCell Medical Socks. With seaweed incorporated into the material the socks are naturally anti-bacterial and suppress fungus growth. They will also naturally suppress odor and so are ideal for anyone who has foot problems that range from smelly feet to those who are prone to fungal infections, such as athlete's foot.

Medi-Direct International also offer respiratory aids, such as the SalitairSaltpipe that uses Polish rock salt as a respiratory therapy that can be effective for people with any sort of respiratory problem.


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