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The history of the Scholl brand is closely connected to the foot. Right from the beginning the focus of the attention was on the health and well-being of the feet. No wonder that even today the first association with the name Scholl is the foot. After over 100 years of company history in more than 70 countries, the Scholl brand still remains faithful to the initial principles: representing innovative products in the field of foot care. Specialized in this one area, the company was able to collect and convert a lot of experience in this area.

The company's development began with the podiatrist William Scholl. In 1904 he introduced his first foot care product on the market in the USA. It was followed by the production of special shoes and stockings for health and well-being of the feet. Since 2008, the Scholl brand also includes the areas of massage and relaxation. When it comes to the development of the Scholl products, it is out of question, how important the health of the feet is also for the rest of the body. How nice and comfortable special conscious attention given to the feet and pedicure can be, is shown by the individual products themselves.


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