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Founded in 1918 in Japan, Panasonic is now one of the leading electronics companies worldwide. The aim of the company from the very beginning was to create products of great value. The effort to produce better products drew one innovation after the other and quickly led to the success of the company, which began as an enterprise of three people. Initially Panasonic produced sockets for light bulbs, later bicycle lamps, irons, radios and many other products.

Panasonic remains specialized on electronics or electronic products until today. This includes, for example, the Panasonic Epilator, which can be used both for dry and wet shaving. The cordless device provides practical and gentle hair removal in the shower or in the bath. If your hair is affected by the weather or is very dry, the ionic hair dryer can be of real help. This device combines the classical hot air drying with ions, which gives the hair a shiny and smooth look. In addition to this, the hair can obtain moisture and nutrients.