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Lifecare TENS Electrodes

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is an effective temporary pain relief method that is widely used within medical practice, in particularly those areas that are dedicated to recovery treatments. Once the machine itself has been purchased there will be a requirement to not only replace the electrodes that are used, but also to expand the range of shapes, sizes and forms of electrodes that are available to carry out treatment. LifeCare have specialized in the design and development of such a range of electrodes in order to optimize the treatments that can be provided.

The LifeCare range of TENS electrodes includes a basic range of carbon rubber electrodes that are both flexible and also economical to use as they are not self-adhesive and are to be used with conductive gel. Shapes include circles, squares and rectangles. There is also a wide range of self-adhesive electrodes that come complete with a connector for Promed TENS machines cables. If an adapter is used then electrodes can also be used with other makes of TENS machines safely.

LifeCare have also designed a novel range of electrodes that are specifically designed for the harder to treat areas, such as hands and feet. These electrodes are made in the format of gloves, socks, knee bandages and elbow bandages. These close fitting garments are made with conductive material, which includes silver yarn, so there will be stimulation provided to the entire area that the garment covers. An easy to access connection point on the outside of the garments makes them quick and easy to use. This means that circulation can effectively be increased and pain from fractures and sprains can also be addressed.
The electrodes are also suitable for use with Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) that are used for both pain relief and also muscle repair.


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