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Air Wick

Air Wick is well known for its air fresheners with special designs. Founded in 1943 in the U.S., the brand quickly became known in Europe and other countries. Airwick not only offers a wide selection of different scents, but also of methods of how to bring the fragrance into the air: be it sticks that you can plug into a scent bottle; or be it scented candles that will help to improve the atmosphere of a room. Air Wick uses its long experience in this area for developing new, innovative solutions. It is often thanks to the combination of several products that you can significantly improve the ambience of a room.

Among the products, the aroma beads scented candles and the color changing scented candles with shadow play are a specialty. When it comes to aromatherapy or the removal of unwanted odors, Airwick provides solution in elegant and attractive designs. Thus, the Airwick products target multiple senses and are able to provide an especially calming or invigorating effect.